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Aven Cup Award
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Aven Cup Award

On December 13, 1953, Dr. and Mrs. Carl Aven established an annual award for doctors taking the most interest in civic affairs.


Dr. Aven was well-recognized for his contributions towards the eradication of tuberculosis. His name lives on through the Aven Cup Award.


The Aven Cup Award program was instituted over 60 years ago to recognize physicians who play a significant role in civic affairs and to encourage continued community involvement.  It is presented annually for outstanding contributions to education, medicine, the arts, and government.


The following is a list of distinguished honorees:


Name Suffix Year
Edgar M. Dunstan M.D. 1954
Rives Chalmers M.D. 1955
R.A. Bartholomew M.D. 1956
Irving L. Greenberg M.D. 1958
Jack C. Norris M.D. 1959
A. Hamblin Letton M.D. 1960
John S. Atwater M.D. 1961
James F. Funk, Jr. M.D. 1963
John Y. Yauger M.D. 1964
Albert A. Rayle M.D. 1964
C.C. Aven M.D. 1965
Walker L. Curtis M.D. 1966
Robert P. Shinall M.D. 1968
Joseph A. Hertnell M.D. 1969
Nicholas E. Davies M.D. 1970
Robert E. Wells M.D. 1971
Napier Burson, Jr. M.D. 1972
Asa C. Yancey M.D. 1973
Ernest Dunbar M.D. 1974
Joe Wilber M.D. 1975
Robert Cunninham M.D. 1976
Carl C. Jones M.D. 1977
William A. Mason M.D. 1978
Henry Steadman M.D. 1979
John E. Skanddalakis M.D. 1980
James A. Kaufmann M.D. 1981
Linton H. Bishop M.D. 1982
J. Rhondes Haverty M.D. 1983
Brown W. Dennis M.D. 1984
William E. Schatten M.D. 1985
F. Levering Neely M.D. 1986
Dwana M. Bush M.D. 1987
Edward C. Loughlin M.D. 1988
William H. Whaley M.D. 1989
Ralph A. Murphy M.D. 1990
Keller S. Carlock M.D. 1991
Robin L. Line M.D. 1992
David F. Apple M.D. 1993
Martin Moran M.D. 1994
Arthur S. Booth M.D. 1995
John D. Cantwell M.D. 1996
William H. Cleveland M.D. 1996
Sanford J. Matthews M.D. 1997
Jeffrey T. Nugent M.D. 1998
David S. Lowrance M.D. 1999
Milton Frank M.D. 2000
Jerome D. Berman M.D. 2001
Thomas Price M.D. 2002
Harrison L. Rogers M.D. 2003
William C. Collins M.D. 2004
Dorothy Mitchell-Leef M.D. 2005
William Warren M.D. 2006
J. Willis Hurst M.D. 2007
Barry Silverman M.D. 2010
John S. Harvey M.D. 2012




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